Partner fire announcement

The fire alarm system and the hospital nurse summoning system are among the most important services of the Austrian company Sharak Residence, which is provided in cooperation with Tara Manufacturing Company in Iran.

Schrack seconet is an Austrian technology-oriented company that is one of the market leaders in fire alarm, communications and safety systems. The company has several subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Sweden and offices in Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and India, and its exclusive representative in Iran is Tara Manufacturing Company. Today, with more than a century of experience, the company offers a variety of up-to-date products.

A fire alarm system is a set of electronic components that are responsible for detecting fires in various places. Fire alarm systems are widely used in buildings and residential and industrial areas to minimize the damage caused by fire and also to inform the occupants of the building in the event of a fire, these systems are used to minimize casualties. Johnny prevented.

VISOCAL IP system is an integrated platform for organizing communications and clinical services. This system is able to organize medical and care services, patient information, hospital and clinical services, organization of inpatients and payment information for their treatment in a centralized and integrated manner. Utilizing the IP network infrastructure, in addition to providing a secure and secure solution for information flow, this solution also significantly reduces implementation costs.