Maintenance of fire fighting equipment

The maintenance department of Tara Manufacturing Company pays periodic inspections and troubleshooting of firefighting systems in buildings with different uses. These buildings include projects that have either been designed and implemented from the beginning of the company or buildings that need periodic inspections and troubleshooting. The company’s experienced and trained technicians visit and service periodically in accordance with checklists compiled in accordance with international standards such as NFPA and BS and the requirements of the fire department. The company’s experienced specialists, using the required equipment and high experience and up-to-date training, perform the task of protecting people’s lives and property efficiently.

Periodic visits including service, testing, repair, maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of all items of the fire alarm and extinguishing system in accordance with accurate schedules and up-to-date standards so that the building fire alarm and extinguishing system is in continuous standby and without defects, in accordance The list is as follows:

control panel
    Remote headlights
    Flasher siren
    Types of fire extinguishing capsules
    Fire boxes
    And all related items

In order to service, maintain and manage fire alarm and extinguishing systems, first the technical unit of the company prepares asphalt plans or building construction as well as hazard plan or Pre-Incident Plan for sensitive centers and location and coding of the mentioned items. These plans include architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, fire alarm and extinguishing plans. If the project is designed and implemented by the company itself, this step is ready in advance. Then, based on the available plans, phasing and planning for periodic visits begins. In case of system failure, the staff of Fardid Iman Shar Company are ready to provide service 24/7.

In accordance with the global standard NFPA25-Edition2020 and NFPA 10,13,20,8,2001,101,72 and the requirements of the fire department, the intervals of inspection, testing and support of building safety systems are determined. All actions of the members of the company are based on the Occupational Safety and Health (HSE), the guidelines for dealing with emergencies and the crisis management.

If the existing building and the subset of “places” are in accordance with the rules of the fire organization, first the space must be adapted according to the instructions provided by the organization and approval must be obtained, and then the service of support and maintenance of the building will begin.