Obtaining firefighting approval

Obtaining a fire certificate is a fire certificate for a building, such as a birth certificate and identity card. Strict observance of safety rules and regulations in buildings will lead to firefighting approval. In order to issue a fire certificate, safety observance (architecture, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing and other systems required by the building) is done and approved by the inspection of the fire department.

According to the circular of the fire department issued on 11/23/95, from this date onwards, all 4-storey buildings on the ground floor or the same 5 floors from the ground floor with any number of units, are required to comply with and implement the notification system They are on fire.

What is firefighting certification?

Obtaining the approval of the fire department, observing all the rules and safety instructions of the fire department, that dear employers by referring to the office of electronic services to get instructions issued by the fire department (detailed review) and with the advice of fire service companies They are informed about the process and how to implement these instructions so that they can strictly implement fire safety regulations.

Projects that are required to receive instructions from the fire department:

According to the urban planning regulations of Tehran, buildings with a height of more than 23 meters from the street floor to the top floor or commercial, office and  buildings that have a large fire load must obtain a fire safety certificate from the municipality to complete the construction of their building. Acquire Tehran. This certificate includes compliance with the rules of safety, architecture, fire alarm, fire extinguishing, which is required to comply with these rules to obtain the end of the work. Finally, if all the project criteria are observed, it will be approved by the inspection expert of the fire department and a confirmation will be issued.

Contract steps and documents required for concluding a contract with consulting companies:

Execution of project instructions and all work steps are done by the inspection and control system of safety services between consulting companies with the fire department.

1- The owner should refer to the implementing companies with all the following documents.

1-1- Original and copy of ownership document

1-2- Original and copy of national card

1-3- Phase 1 maps

1-4- Toll payment receipt
2- Arranging a consulting contract with the executing company

3- Receiving the form for determining the executing company, sealed and signed by the CEO of the company

4- The activity of the company in relation to that case must be marked by the company in the form of determining the executing company according to the instructions.

5- After receiving the form, the owner refers to the service office and by registering the mentioned form, identifies and announces his consulting company, as a result, the company will have access to the file and the work will be done according to the legal procedure.

6- After performing this process, the consulting company is obliged and committed to carry out the project work in accordance with the regulations and to submit the work report to the organization at certain times.
* Tip 1: Companies are allowed to go through this process if they are approved in the list of companies authorized by the fire department, including safety in architecture, fire alarm detection systems, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation systems and exhaust fans. Other companies operate only to cover steel structures and some only ventilation and exhaust fan systems, which is the scope of their activities in the same case.
* Tip 2: Dear owners, in choosing a consulting company through the list of the fire department, be sure to keep in mind that the company that is concluding the contract must be authorized by the organization to have access to the above 4 options.

The fire safety confirmation form is sent to the municipality by the fire department and after completing all the processes and visits of the fire department to the project, a checklist and form are prepared and approved by the organization expert and the final form is signed by the esteemed prevention department. They send it to the municipality and issue the final work to the municipality.

It should be noted that this form is sent to the municipality by the automation system of the fire department and receiving this form manually that is submitted to the owner is not allowed and in all management processes and visits only the automation number of this form is provided to the owner. This automation number of the owner makes sure that the approval process of the fire department is completed and after 48 hours, the original form following the same number will be sent to the municipality. Then he goes to the municipality and continues all the administrative steps until he receives the completion certificate and the certificate of operation of the building.

Complete guide to the fire certification process:

Tara Production Factories Company, with its experienced staff as a firefighting company, is ready to guide, advise and obtain firefighting approval to you, dear employers. Also in the picture below, the complete steps of obtaining fire approval for you dear ones are shown.

Vendor Fire Department List:

Vendor Fire List, a list of companies approved by the fire department
In the field of safety, fire consulting and که is under the supervision of the fire department
They work. Due to the wide range of safety rules and regulations,
The fire department introduces qualified companies for consulting in the field
Safety and firefighting on its site. Dear employers, refer to
This site can be from the list of approved fire companies
Informed and can easily communicate with the above companies. Actually
Consulting firms are the liaison between the fire department and the employer, which is the duty
Supervise how the project runs from start to finish.
Mehr Parsian Safety Pioneers Company with a brilliant history in this field and considering all the rules and regulations of the fire department was able to be included in this vendor list and is ready to serve you dear fellow citizens.

Fire Confirmation:

Observance of building and fire safety rules and regulations will lead to receiving fire approval. Fire approval is part of the concerns of esteemed construction project employers, who according to the new rules of the fire department, prevent safety problems for owners, speed up the process and reduce building costs, the existence of a fire consultant from the list of companies Approved by the fire department is required.

Fire alarm confirmation:

To select authorized dealers for the sale of fire alarm equipment, you can refer to the website of the fire department and be informed of the mentioned list, so that if you buy products, you can refer to the dealers.

Companies approved by the fire department:

To select a consultant approved by the organization, you can refer to the website of the fire department and select a consultant for your project.

Fire Confirmation Form:

Firefighting approval form is required to obtain approval from the fire department, which is issued and submitted by consulting companies.