Date of establishment: 1364
Factory Construction site: Tehran – Jajroud

Tara Production Factories Company with more than 32 years of experience in the field of electronics and alarm and extinguishing system and having an operation license and patent is the first and only manufacturer of aerosol fire extinguishing system with Pak Payro brand in Iran and this company We are proud to produce products in accordance with international standards and the national standard of Iran with a quality far superior to similar foreign brands (can be tested in the field).
Engineering and consulting: This company invites retired experts and specialists of Tehran Fire Department as well as electrical and mechanical engineers with experience and expertise in the field of safety engineering, design and implementation of oil, gas, petrochemical projects, power plants, industries and …… . It has provided the possibility of providing engineering and consulting services to esteemed employers

– Basic training in firefighting and fire management using retired and experienced experts of Tehran Fire Department
– Principles and principles of fire prevention using retired and experienced experts of Tehran Fire Department
– Design and implementation of intelligent fire alarm and extinguishing systems and aerosol extinguishing system
– Design and implementation of fire pumps and hydrant networks, monitors and foam systems
Design and implementation of wet, dry, preoperative, manual and firebox flood and sprinkler systems
– Design and implementation of water mist systems and gas systems including CO2 and CLEAN AGENT
Supply: The company has provided the possibility of supply and installation of these systems by representing reputable manufacturers, including SCHRACK Austria, regarding fire alarm systems, and cooperating with world-renowned manufacturers regarding fire pumps and fire extinguishing systems.
Explanation: Obtaining the approval of Tehran Fire Department in the implementation and design of alarm and extinguishing systems as well as the company’s products, which can be viewed on the organization’s website.