Effective for all class

no maintenance and recharge and long shelf life 15 years

non toxic and non corrosive

no polluted staining after using

safe for personnel – non harmful to personnel at design opplication rate.

easy installation and retrofitted.

operating and storage temperature from 30 to + 150.

operating and storage humidity up to 98%

environmentally adjusted with no horm for the ozone layer according to the KYOTO PROTOCOL.

remaining effective for about 45 minutes after fire extinguish in the environment

no pressurized cylinder and piping.

wide range of size for easily using in less than a cubic meter to thousands of cubic meters

safe oxygen level

very economical in comparison to any conventional system

easy connected to any automatic fire detection or activation systems.

very light weight and small size to compare with other agents.

Doese not caves any over pressure

easy transport.

Inert Gas / Chemical Gas0%
Water System / Low Pressure0%
Water System / High Pressure0%
Halon 13010%
Inert Gas0%
Aerosol Fire Suppression